At Specialist Opinion Group (“SOG”), we are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, suppliers, users of our website and services and any personal and health information of any third parties that we may be provided with from time to time.

SOG respects the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided and adheres to the Australian National Privacy Principles.

This Privacy Policy sets out how and why SOG collects, stores, uses and discloses your personal information, how to contact us if you have any questions about how we handle your information or would like to access the personal information we hold about you.

The services provided by SOG include:

* A booking system for appointments with medical practitioners and other health providers
* Case conferencing
* Customised in-house education and training seminars
* Quality Assurance of Reports
* Expert Witness services
(together “the Services”)


Your Information

We may collect personal information about you in order to provide you with our Services. This may include your name, address, professional and other information as necessary to provide our Services (“Personal Data”). We manage the Personal Data of the Patient/Claimant in the same manner and ensure at all times that privacy of sensitive personal information is carefully managed as outlined below.

Patient/Claimant Information

In order to provide you with our Services, we require the collection of Personal Data of referred patients and claimants (together “Claimants”) which may include sensitive personal information. This may consist of name, address, contact details, date of birth, health, medical, injury or illness, doctor’s reports, claim forms, hospital notes, medical imaging files, work history and other personal information.


Collection of Information

Normally we will collect the Claimant Personal Data directly from you. SOG may collect Personal Data from you in various ways, including via telephone, paper forms or online forms that you complete on our website or via email.

Patient/Claimant Information Collection

Patient Personal Data we collect during our business transactions is obtained both directly and indirectly on behalf of, and used to provide our Services to our clients for referring patients to appointments with specialist medical experts in order to be provided with an assessment, report, opinion or other advice. We pass on this Personal Data to the specialist medical experts who are at all times under the same duty of confidentiality and who comply with the Australian Privacy requirements. In all transactions and handling of Personal Data, we are committed to full compliance with all Australian Privacy Principles (‘APP’) requirements.

Collection of Personal Data from third parties

We only collect Personal Data from third parties when it is not reasonable or practicable to collect Personal Data directly from the individual. We ensure that our clients and anyone we pass the Personal Data onto, in order to provide our services, is under a similar duty of compliance in accordance with the Privacy law, including the APPs.

If you give us Personal Data about any other individuals (eg. claimants) we ask that you tell the individual that you have done so and make them aware of our Privacy Policy, for example, by giving them the link to it or a full copy and ensuring they are aware of and agree to the transfer of their Personal Data to any medical specialist that we will refer.


We receive and store Personal Data provided to us via our website, physically or in any other way from time to time in a secure manner. We are committed to the protection of Personal Data and have a comprehensive range of policies and procedures in place for the security and safe storage of Personal Data.

We ensure all physical and electronically held Personal Data is kept in a secure manner that is only accessible to persons who are authorised and who have agreed to the same or similar duty as prescribed by the APPs. Our computer network is password protected with access limited to current employees only. Furthermore, our secure server software encrypts all Personal Data before it is sent to us.

We employ secure document destruction services for the disposal of hard copy confidential and/or sensitive personal information to ensure deletion and de-identification of information. We regularly review and delete or destroy Personal Data that is no longer required, out of date or as otherwise required by law or regulation.

We will use all reasonable means to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Data while in our possession or control. We will not knowingly share any of your Personal Data with any third party other than our service providers including the specialist medical experts who assist us in providing the information and/or services we are providing to you. To the extent that we do share your or a patient’s Personal Data with a service provider, we would only do so if that party has agreed to comply with our privacy standards as described in this privacy policy.

Any non-personal information, communications and material you send to us electronically, physically or which we obtain from third parties without promises of confidentiality, may be kept, used and disclosed by us on a non-confidential basis. We are free to use and reproduce any such information freely and for any purpose whatsoever. Specifically, we will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose, including developing, manufacturing, marketing products or to improve our services.


In order to provide the Services, we are required to disclose Personal Data and general information to the specialist medical professionals who will be making an assessment and report. We may, from time to time, be required to provide Personal Data to a patient’s own healthcare provider or insurer. They are under the same duty of confidentiality as we are and are bound by the APP.

We may be required to disclose certain information, which may include your Personal Data, to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, in the course of a legal proceeding or in response to a law enforcement agency request. Also, we may use your Personal Data where required, to protect the rights, property or safety of SOG, its employees, customers, or third parties.

We would only disclose your information in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances. SOG does not disclose Personal Data to any recipient located overseas unless otherwise advised to you.


We do not and will not sell or deal in Personal Data or customer information. We will never disclose your personal details to a third party except the necessary information required by providers of products or services you have purchased.

We may however use your information in a general sense, without any reference to your name, to create marketing statistics, identify user demands and to assist in meeting customer needs generally. In addition, we may use the information that you provide to improve our services but not for any other use.


As we plan to ensure our privacy policy remains current, this policy is subject to change. We may modify this policy at any time, in our sole discretion and
all modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting of the modifications on this website. Please return periodically to review our privacy policy or ask us for an updated copy.


You have a right to access your Personal Data that we hold, and you can also request an amendment to this Personal Data if you believe that it contains inaccurate information. SOG will allow you to have access to your Personal Data or will make the requested change/s unless there is a reason under law to refuse access or refuse to make the requested change/s. Where these reasons to refuse access exist, we will advise you of those reasons at the time you make your request.

If you want to: a) know what Personal Data we hold about you; b) make any changes to your details; or c) ask any questions or address any concerns about our Privacy Policy; please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on (02) 9264 0734. We will use our best endeavours to respond to your request within 48 hours. Please note that SOG can charge a reasonable fee for the time and cost of collating, preparing, and photocopying material for you if you request access to your Personal Data.